We manage tax for foreign businesses

Magnus Legal is one of Norways leading companies with experience to manage tax for foreign businesses. Magnus Legal can guide you through the jungle of laws and regulations and take care of your obligations towards Norwegian authorities. All services are customized to the individual needs of the client, whether business or individual.


Payroll Advisory

Take care of reporting obligations related to Norwegian activity including payroll services.

Tax returns

Complete and submit tax return including pre calculation of taxes for persons and companies.

VAT representative

Act as a VAT representative for foreign companies with VAT liable activity in Norway.

Accounting services

Accounting/bookkeeping specializing within international affairs, offshore, building, construction activity.

Why should I/we use a tax consultant?

If you have or had any business activity in Norway, your company will incur responsibilities related to the reporting of work, tax and insurance. Your company as an employer must withhold, and pay in advance, the employee’s taxes and contributions to the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme, as well as the employer's contribution to the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme. Furthermore, your company is obligated to report wages and other remuneration paid to the employees for work performed in Norway. These obligations apply irrespective of whether or not the employer or employees are tax-liable in Norway.

When personnel are supplied to work in Norway, the contractor, the subcontractor and the principal are joint and equally the withholding of taxes and the payment of contributions to the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme. It involves time-consuming and investigations to become acquainted with the relevant regulations and laws. If you get an audit inspection, even the smallest error can lead to penalties or fines both for your company and your employees.

We can offer the following services

  • Business start-up
  • Outsourcing solutions
  • Application for residence permits and visas
  • Payroll
  • Advisory service
  • VAT representative
  • Tax returns
  • Reporting to tax authorities and public service offices
  • Otherwise you can call us at +(47) 51 21 71 10

    TAXRETURN 2017

    We manage tax for foreign businesses

    Thank you for considering Magnus Legal as your subscriber of services related to the tax return.

    Our fee for the services is NOK 3900 + 25 % VAT. If you choose to pay by card upon ordering the service a discount of NOK 300 will be granted. You have to complete and enclose the forms "Information for tax return" and "Power of attorney" using our ordering page (green button below)

    If you have any additional information that may affect your Norwegian assessment please use the "notes" box to clarify. When your tax return is completed and submitted we will send you a copy of the documents accompanied with a drafted tax calculation.

    If you have any questions regarding the tax return and/or the information given, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    The deadline for submitting Tax Returns 2017 is April 30, 2018. We appreciate if all documentation is received well ahead of this deadline.


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